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Market Entry Support:

When entering new and unfamiliar markets your resources and concentration are stretched.

With our market entry support services, 105 has helped companies build profitable businesses in new and challenging markets for years.


Whether it’s the development of a new product or service, or the desire to sell existing products in new markets, 105 realises that it is necessary to conduct qualified secondary and primary research.

Having an independent outside view during this process is beneficial in identifying and avoiding potential risks.


105 can facilitate your entry into rapidly changing market places.

You will receive our full comprehensive support services, which will not only enhance your product's appeal to customers, but maximize your marketing opportunities.

What We Do:

How You Benefit:

Our integration of secondary research and anonymous interviews with competitors and other market players, customers and industry experts contributes to giving you a thorough and accurate understanding of various market characteristics, including size, segmentation, penetration, price sensitivity and underserved market niches.

If you recognize this golden opportunity and want to seize it, we can help you realize your goals.

Case Study:

A training provider wanted to actively penetrate an undersold market. We conducted a comprehensive overview of new industry segments, identifying highest potential growth segments and obtaining key insights specific to the client’s requirements and needs.

The client shifted market focus from traditional segments to a faster growing segment in the construction industry.