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Industries Overview:

Our consultants only undertake projects for which we have pre-existing industry expertise. If we don't know your industry intimately, we can't possibly provide good advice.

As such, staying currently aware of industry trends is a high-priority for our staff and our network of affiliated consultants.


Many years of experience have shown our intelligence services to protect business ventures, minimise financial losses, increase profits, preserve proprietary data and corporate reputations as well as produce successful outcomes in litigation.

105 Solutions provides qualified up-to-date data and business intelligence on the UK, US and EMEA markets.


We are constantly expanding our network of consultants to include consultants who are widely recognized to be industry leaders and subject matter experts.

The following are just some of the industries making up our client base. Click on any of the links below for a brief summary:

Construction & Real Estate

Big investment in construction projects can increase in costs if risk assessments are not made from the start. Whether its residential or huge commercial real estate properties, our due diligence services performed before mortgage financing, foreclosure, purchase or re-development, have been a key function in helping both buyers and sellers, make and save money


as well as quicken the transaction process. Our panel of lawyers and own consultants can assist in cost modelling and planning, carrying out evaluations on the contract conditions and advising on inherent risks, verification of the authenticity of the tender as well as ongoing monitoring of valuations and a review of a completed final account.