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Competition Intelligence:

The battle for market share in today’s global economy increases pressure on companies to find out the strategies of competitors that will affect their business. Waiting until a competitor’s strategy is in full swing can be costly.

105 Solutions can provide you with actionable competition intelligence about your competitors, enabling you to develop smarter market strategies.


Our objective of competitor intelligence is not to steal a competitor’s trade secrets.

More rather we give you a detailed assessment and profile of your key competitors, providing you a better understanding of who they are and what they are doing and planning. This will minimise the risk involved in strategic decision making giving you a competitive advantage.


We reveal their strengths and weaknesses and their position relative to your marketplace. This allows you to use the intelligence to improve your sales and marketing strategies and critical business decision processes.

Our Competitive Intelligence Approach is further summarised and illustrated in our Competition Intelligence Cycle.

What We Do & Report:

How You Benefit:

Client Testimony:

“Press reports announced our competitor was launching a new product soon. When they were lauching was unknown. Within a few days, 105 determined not only the launch date but their advertising and marketing plans for their new product and the store locations. With this intelligence, we were able to launch our own counter-publicity campaign on the same date; thereby dampening the effect of our competitor's marketing promotion.”

The Managing Director of a UK Toy Manufacturer.